Starting A New Company?

Expert guidance on setting up new business/ventures, our forte is in providing solutions to our clients who are exploring new business opportunities, understanding legal procedures, networking with local authorities and a suitable business model to set up their business.


Benefits of Our Company Setup Services

Business setup procedures are very much area and country specific.  We are well verse in company formation laws and regulation. We can help you set up:

  • Private Limited Companies

  • Professional Firms

  • Branch Offices

  • Representative Offices


Effective Integrated Marketing Communications

Today marketing is a multidisciplinary practice, which requires a integrated communication approach. Most companies only focus on direct sales and fail to invest adequately in branding, communication and long-term marketing strategy. This is because companies investing in emerging markets are more risk adverse. Our marketing services help you to promote on channels that effectively reach your consumer locally.

Services Include:

  • Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Public Relations & Media Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Brand Management

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Advertising Strategy

  • Budgeting Strategy

  • Content Generation



Need Help Navigating Local Tax Law?

Our services include an accounting consultant determining the need and completing all the stages of accounting processes starting from recording financial transactions in the books of business, classifying the transactions into meaningful insights and summarising the data into useful reports.
The following is a list of our Accounting and Bookkeeping services:

  • Accounting/ Bookkeeping

  • Accounts Consolidation

  • Accounts Payable Outsourcing

  • Conversion, Installation, Selection, and Support of Software

  • Fixed Assets Compilation, Maintenance and Verification.

  • Tax Submissions

  • Advisory on company tax related matters

  • Company Bank Account setup



Ever Wanted Your Team To Know More?

Training is a great way to ensure that your team has the right tools to look after your clientele. Whether it is localised sales training to brush up on domestic trends and consumer behaviour or wine pairing classes for a Western style restaurant, you can be sure that the CAMBC has experts to help give your team the edge in the market.


Currently training offerings:

  • Sales Management

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Public Relations

  • F&B/Hospitality/Beverage




‘RPI’ is a specialised integrated approach to facilitating investment and ensuring returns in a emerging market. In partnership with Redbridge Group, we can help you find prime real estate or feasible investment projects. We can help you with land or project acquisition. 
Furthermore, if required, we can even help with the loan or financing of the project.


Real Estate:

  • Land and real estate brokerage.

  • Real estate marketing services.

  • Sales management, marketing and strategy.

  • Commercial leasing.

  • Hotel operator selection consulting.

  • Rental and tenancy consulting.

  • Renovation services.



  • Due diligence, risk assessment and profitability assessment.

  • Project acquisition and take over.

  • Operations consulting and licensing.

  • Initial project planning and strategy.

  • Ownerships and government documentation processing

  • Marketing research.


  • Business loan, mortgage and project financing.

  • Investment auditing services.

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